Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kitchen Gossip

So, Obviously if you're reading this, you've realized that I changed the name of the blog and the colors! I'm very excited. I thought Kitchen Kitten poorly relfected what I was trying to do on my blog, which is bake! As many of you know, someday I'd like to have a career in baking and pastry so I think "Sift & Savor" is a perfect name! I adore it and I hope you will too!
Also, I have big news! Recently I recieved great advice to get an internship or an unpaid position to get experience in a bakery setting. Well ,last week I had an interview with Annie B's Confections, which is located in Newtown, PA. They gave me an internship! Yesterday was my first day and I was thrilled to be there. I've learned alot already and I love it! I'll keep you updated on the whole experience.
Next Post: Home-made corn bread with a twist!

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