Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From Flowers To Cupcakes

I was in a very girly mood when I woke up this morning and decided that I HAD to have some flowers. When I walked into my local flower shop, they just happened to be having a sale on just about everything(don't you love when that happens)! I stumbled upon these gorgeous pink roses for three bucks and decided they were a must! Then I happened to spot some colorful carnations to the left of me that had swirls of pink and white.
As soon as I saw the swirl carnations, I immediatly thought of swirl cupcakes-no joke. So I got in my car and bought food coloring!

I made a basic vanilla cupcake recipe and filled cupcake tins. Then I put one drop of red food coloring onto the tops of the cupcake batter and swirled in the color. It came out so adorable!

This is so easy to do and you can do it in many different colors too. Blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple-you can mix the food coloring to make colors like "teal" and "sunset". That's what the box said anyway. But I stuck with pink!

The swirl of coloring even goes down into the cupcakes, not just on top. It looked so cute and they tasted really delicious. I never appreciate an un-iced cupcake until today and to tell you the truth, I much prefer cupcakes without the icing! Especially if they are moist. I decided to dust mine with sugar.

And then I went so far as to make a cupcake tower. I added my flowers and some baby's breath on top just to make it extra pretty. So cute! Next time I have people over and I'm cooking dinner, I am definitely making this simple cupcake tower. It's easy but it looks so elegant with the flowers. Never has cupcake baking been so fun!


  1. Aren't you a doll to by your own self some flowers! I shall follow your lead. And yes, the cupcakes look beautiful! :D

  2. OMG! This is BEAUTIFUL. They look so delicious and pretty.