Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kitchen Kitten Gossip

So a few weeks have gone by since I last posted anything and there are a few reasons why!

First of all, I was terribly sick. Cooking + coughing/sneezing/headache = not a whole lot of fun. (BUT I did manage to make some Cinnamon Swirl Cookies and that post will come right after this one! Yum...)

Second, as most of you know, I'm still in school! I just finished midterms (thank god) and now I am back to my kitchen :)

I do have very exciting news though! For Christmas my mom is getting me a pink KitchenAid mixer and I am extatic!!!!!!!! Instead of sugar plums dancing in my head, it's the pink KitchenAid mixer.....
Wanna see? --->http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/sku4602819/?pkey=cmixers-attachments%7Celtmixstd

It's beautiful and I won't have to mix everything by hand-what a luxury!

So, I apologize to any readers who have been dissapointed with my non-posting. But stay tuned because I have some delicious cookie posts coming up!!!

Happy Cooking

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